The Book of Worship (From Al-Nasaih Al-Diniyyah)

The Book of Worship (From Al-nasaih Al-diniyyah) Paperback – 2012
by Imam Abdallah ibn Alawi al-Haddad (Author), al-Habib Hasan al-Attas (Foreword), Abdul Aziz Ahmed (Translator)


Worship is the purpose of our existence. Allah Almighty says, 'I have not created man or jinn except to worship Me.' This book deals with the second element of the religion and provides a more detailed explanation of obedience. Al-Nasâih al-Dîniyyah is based on the classic work by Imam Al Ghazali's Ihya Ulum al-Deen [Revival of the Religious Sciences]. It follows the same structure as the Ihya and is written in a simple and accessible format.