Taqwa and Knowledge (From al-Nasaih al-Diniyyah)

Taqwa and Knowledge (From al-Nasaih al-Diniyyah) Paperback 
Author: Imam Abdallah ibn Alawi Al-Haddad
Translator: Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ahmed


Words from the author, Imam Al-Haddad (d. 1720): ‘Taqwa is fulfilling the commandments of Allah and avoiding His prohibitions both inwardly and outwardly while feeling adoration and reference for Allah as well as awe, fear and dread.’

Words from Al-Habib Hasan Al-’Attas, who is the Imam of the Ba’alawi Mosque in Singapore: ‘Al-Nasaih Al-Dinyyah is a book designed for the laymen to make him both more knowledgeable and a better person. It uses pearls of wisdom from the Quran and tradition of the Messenger, (s.a.w) along with simple and lucid explanations. Imam Al-Haddad leads the reader away from the world of darkness towards a world of brightness, tranquillity and happiness.’

About the author: Imam Abdallah Ibn-Alawi Al-Haddad (d. 1720), lived at Tarim in the Hadramaut valley between Yemen and Oman, and is widely held to have been the ‘renewer’ of the twelfth Islamic century. A direct descendant of the Prophet, his sanctity and direct experience of God are clearly reflected in his writings, which include several books, a collection of Sufi letters, and a volume of mystical poetry. He spent most of his life in Kenya and Saudi Arabia where he taught Islamic jurisprudence and classical Sufism according to the order (tariqa) of the Ba’Alawi sayids.