Being Muslim: A Practical Guide

Being Muslim: A Practical Guide Paperback – July 1, 2015
by Asad Tarsin (Author)

"Being Muslim: A Practical Guide" is a new book written to help people learn how to live and practice the faith of Islam-to learn what Muslims believe, how to pray and fast, and how to perform the Islamic devotions appropriately. This book is not meant to expound on abstract theoretical aspects of Islam, but to give readers practical and useful knowledge that can help them understand what it means to be Muslim. It highlights how we can, on a daily basis, develop a healthy relationship with God, through both devotions and in ordinary daily life.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Starting Point | Chapter 2: Belief | Chapter 3: Worship | Chapter 4: Spiritual Refinement | Chapter 5: The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ | Chapter 6: The Quran | Chapter 7: Islamic Holy Days | Chapter 8: Lifestyle | Appendix I: Selections from the Quran | Appendix II: Recommended Readings | Appendix III: Glossary of Commonly Used Terms

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