Al-Arba'in (2) of Mulla 'Ali al-Qari - Comprehensive Speech of Allah's Messenger

Why KitabCrate thinks you should read this book: There is an established tradition of Hadith scholars to compile 40 hadith. Why 40? It's a comprehensive number allowing for not too large of a work, yet not too little. 40 Hadith on a subject remain a digestible number to the average reader and student. 

Al-Arba'in (2) of Mulla 'Ali al-Qari - Speech of Allah's Messenger - Paperback – 2010
by Mulla 'Ali al-Qari (Author)

Collection Of Forty Hadiths by Mulla 'Ali al-Qari
In this collection, Mulla 'Ali al-Qari gathers forty hadith that illustrate the extraordinary capacity of the Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) for distilling profound truths into a few short words. The diverse range of topics contained in the hadiths in this collection, from war to spirituality, are unpacked in a commentary by the 18th Century scholar, 'Allama as Sindhi.

English translation by Safaruk Zaman Chowdhury
Commentary by Allamah Sindhi and Shaykh Nemat Ullah
Mulla 'Ali al-Qari

Mulla 'Ali al-Qari, a Hanafi jurist, hadith expert and theologian, was born and grew up in Herat, afghanistan where he received his early Islamic education. He travelled to Makkah and settled there until his death in 1014 /1606. His scholarship was exacting and his output profuse having composed works - a great number being encyclopaedic in nature - on just about every field and subfield of the traditional Islamic disciplines.